about me

I’ve been doing this long enough to put my hands on MS/PC DOS 3.0 on the 80286 PC/AT and I remember having to modify autoexec.bat and config.sys as well as loading DOS into upper memory and tweaking the Soundblaster settings to play games as a kid. I also remember the joys of NT 3.51, Netware 3.11, Solaris 7 (and the futile humor of trying to make them all work together). But I digress..

This site is mainly where I post some write ups for my own referral later but I do hope they help you out as well. I’ve been using Wordpress for this for several years, but got tired of the updates and extra work that goes with the CMS platforms as well as the Linux/MySQL platform support; that’s like work outside of work. Since I work more with the plumbing and automation side of IT rather than web development, I wanted to try something new so moved over to a static web site to trim things down. The performance is substantially improved and it’s much easier to maintain; I’m digging it.